Feedback on our Family Assessment and Support Centre

When asked:

 ‘Did you feel safe at Chrysalis Assessment and Support Centre?’
100% of the residents stated that they did feel safe, with comments such as:

“Yes, just knowing I was in a safe environment”

Yes, very safe.

“Yes, 100%, you looked after us.”

‘During your assessment, did you feel fairly treated?’
 83.3% stated that they did feel fairly treated, with comments such as:

“Yep, staff are good.”

‘During your assessment, did you feel supported’
100% of residents stated that they did feel supported, with comments such as:

“Yes, I felt very supported.”

“Yes, more than at home.”

“Yes,  I could ask things,  you helped with the tick charts and things.”

“Yes I did, when I needed help and advice,  staff helped me and Chrysalis Groups helped me learn new skills.”

‘Did you feel you had enough information about us before you came to stay?’
100% of residents asked, said they had,

‘Throughout the assessment, did you feel you were able to join in and make decisions?’
100% of residents asked, said they had,

“Yes. In resident’s meetings I felt I had a say and was able to make decisions about things, eg Sunday meal.”

Yes, when working on feeds, we worked with staff to work them out correctly.

“People have been honest and up-front.  You’ve been up front.”

‘Did you feel informed about your progress throughout the assessment process?’
100% of residents felt that they did.

“Yes, it was helpful”

“Yes, During Keywork sessions I felt I was being told what progress I was making and what areas I needed to work on.”

“You told us in those meetings with that lady, that lady that tells us afterwards (Advocate).”

“Yes, Keyworks were very helpful.”

‘Did you find your Keywork session helpful?’
100% of residents stated that they did:

“Yes,  they let us know what areas we needed to work on and if we’d had a good week it was uplifting to hear it.”

“Yep, I knew I was doing well.”

“Yes, helped a lot as I knew my good and bad points.”

“Yes,  I knew the areas that needed work on and the areas I was doing good.”

“Yeah, ‘cos they were being honest.”

OFSTED Report 2012

Inspector's comments

"All assessments are individually tailored according to the needs of the family and the requirements of the referring agency. The placement plans clearly explain the objectives of the placement, how these are to be met on a day-to-day basis, the contribution to be made by the staff and how the effectiveness of the placement is to be assessed in relation to the plan.

The staff's contributions to the process are well explained. Highly individualised approaches to the assessment process are used by the Centre staff suitable to parents' level of understanding. A support worker said, "We can deliver the same topic in many different ways which helps parents to understand and get involved." This involves pictorial event diaries, spider diagram and picture based information, keywork sessions and a variety of workshops, such as play, routines, relationships, domestic violence, healthy eating and finances.

The managers monitor the quality of the workshops delivered and recorded. They re-deliver the session again if there are shortfalls identified. This helps to ensure consistency in the quality of support and assessment provided to families.

Family and keyworker discussion sessions take place on a weekly basis to inform the staff and parents of progress they are making. Action plans around any shortfalls in parenting capacity are derived from these discussions. Parents confirm that they have attended review meetings. A parent said, "We were given a copy of the review report to read, and my keyworker went through the review report with me to make sure I understood what was being said before the review meeting.

As a result, reports are robust, fair and evidence-based. Reports are child focussed and concentrate on the needs and best interests of children. Reports are evaluative and contain only information relevant to parents' assessments, including drawing information from an appropriate range of sources.

The recommendations are clear and flow from the body of the report. All reports are quality assured by the Centre's management team. A referring agency described the quality of the Centre's reports as 'fantastic'."