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Criteria for Admissions

Residential Placement

Each referral is considered on its own merit and with due regard to equal opportunities in all instances, taking full account of gender; nationality; religion; age; sexual orientation; race; culture; mental health needs and levels of physical and learning needs.

Chrysalis Assessment and Support Centre are willing to work with parents who misuse substances, however the expectation would be that they are engaged with appropriate professional agencies where required i.e. substance misuse services, mental health services etc.

Chrysalis Assessment and Support Centre reserves the right to refuse a placement. This may be due to concerns relating to violence, arson or sex offending behaviours. A Psychological Assessment may be required prior to an offer of a placement. Should any issues as stated above, be identified in relation to offences where the perpetrator is either a parent or a child, advice will need to be sought via our insurance company prior to processing the application.

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