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Process of Referral

Chrysalis Assessment and Support Centre welcomes enquiries from any professional or agency involved with the family. However, a formal referral must be submitted (using Chrysalis referral form) by the Local Authority Social Worker.
  • Initial contact to Chrysalis from agency/Social Worker.
  • Chrysalis will provide the agency/Social Worker with our e-brochure.
  • A referral form will be submitted by the agency Social Worker.
  • A telephone discussion unique to each specific parent will take place.
  • Chrysalis Assessment and Support Centre will carry out a Viability Assessment.
  • Upon being accepted, Chrysalis’ Secure of Placement Form/Terms and Conditions will be sent to the Social Worker for agreement and to signed by a representative of the Local Authority.
  • Upon agreement of funding by the referring agency the booking will be secured and confirmed in writing.
  • The parent and child will move into the Centre for the programme to commence
  • A Placement Planning Meeting will take place within 72 hours of the family being placed, involving the parent, the referrer, the placement Managers/ Link Workers etc, to discuss the package of support/assessment.
  • The required supervision of parents in the initial stages of the assessment will be discussed at this meeting.

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